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Lycon wax training in Birmingham

Lycon wax was developed in Australia by Lydia Jordane in 1978. Since then it has gone on to be recognised as a superior wax and is used in over 70 countries worldwide.

The wax delivers superior results by removing hairs as short as 1mm whilst providing a more comfortable waxing experience to the client.

By training with Lycon and adding Lycon waxing to your skills you will be offering a service that your clients will thank you for. The Lycon brand and its therapists are recognised to be a high standard in waxing.


The courses that we currently offer are 

Introduction to Lycon:

Includes facial, underarm, bikini hot wax and strip wax on legs.

Advanced waxing:

Intimate female waxing using Lycon hot wax.

Book on to your training today by using the button below:

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